Exhibition in Italy “a natura sentita da una ragazza giapponese”

natura come fonte d’ispirazione, come estasi emozionale…
“Chiudi gli occhi e vivi il mondo che ti circonda…ascolta il rumore delle foglie, senti il vento sulla pelle….le piante sono come gli esseri umani….ogni ramoscello, ogni fiore, ogni foglia sta dicendo qualcosa…parla….son loro che mi chiedono di essere dipinti…le emozioni ed i sentimenti che sento quando parlo con loro li scrivo con il mio pennello sulla tela….”

date From March 1st 2017 to 7th 7am – 9pm
​place Edelweiss Cafè  Via Santo Stefano 174/e, Bologna, Italy

Paintings on canvas

On paper

Published by Salto

I am an artist painter I express this conversation between me and the nature on canvas. I believe that the nature has it own language or something to communicate in way we never understand. When there is a breeze, It seems like it is talking and dancing. And it alway looks toward the sun, even when it’s rainy or showing.. It accepts reality, thinks about what to do next. I personification the nature and try to have a conversation with her. She took me a wonder world, cheers me up, make me concentrated on living now and keep up my mental stability, especially when I have no room in my mind.

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