Exhibition in Tokyo “Conversation between me and nature”

In the green One fragile leaf is falling Its veins are like an eye which seem to have a life of its own. I noticed a teardrop fall from that eye. I do not know why but a teardrop also fell from my eye. Everyone may have a moment like that. But do not worry about it, I think it would help you because the tears will be beautiful like sunlight. And one day they will become your amazing hope. To ” sometimes” ※日本語訳は下のスライドショーにありますので、そちらをご覧くださいませ。

Exhibition in Tokyo
Nov 5th – 21st, 201


スペシャルサンクス髪かな照明、弾む会話、静かに流れる銀座の夜のヒトコマを切り取ると共にLounge×絵画展という絶妙なマッチングを表現してもらいました。「Saty Night」のインビテーションに使用し、当店に常設展示しています。この作品に込められたsaltoの夢と私の夢がこの先叶っていくことを信じ て              銀座ラウンジプランタン代表 小松彩香

Permanent exhibition at PRINTEMPS

Published by Salto

I am an artist painter I express this conversation between me and the nature on canvas. I believe that the nature has it own language or something to communicate in way we never understand. When there is a breeze, It seems like it is talking and dancing. And it alway looks toward the sun, even when it’s rainy or showing.. It accepts reality, thinks about what to do next. I personification the nature and try to have a conversation with her. She took me a wonder world, cheers me up, make me concentrated on living now and keep up my mental stability, especially when I have no room in my mind.

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